Local SEO

Local SEO really came alive in about 2012 with the “Venice” update to goggle search. It allows us to target specific locations for keywords and build a local online presence, improving search rankings for people searching near your location. If you operate any kind of business which focuses on a local area this allows your website to play a vital role in gaining customers and sales locally. In order to take advantage of this potential revenue stream however, your website must be properly set up and maintained. This is vital in order to be both visible and effective at converting visitors into customers. We use proven methods to increase website rankings and conversion, bringing in more customers and revenue to your business.

Our Local SEO Service

When deciding on your local SEO strategy the first thing to do is an audit of your website. There are many common mistakes made during the building of websites that can reduce your Google rankings, it is important for any SEO strategy to find and correct any errors that are a drag on your rankings as soon as possible. This is only the first step on the road to a successful local SEO strategy however. What is required to set you apart from the competition and gain customers is a local online presence outside of your own website. A good example of this is a Google places listing. Having a Google places listing with your location and website helps Google understand where you are and alter local listings accordingly. It can also be a source of enquires in its own right. As a local business I’m sure you probably already have one but there are many other types of these listings that can help your site move up the local rankings, bringing more customers to your site. Part of our strategy is providing these for your website.


Using Local SEO to Boost Customers

Once we have established a local online presence we could then concentrate more on link development and content management for your website. New and relevant content can give you a boost in rankings and improve the user experience of your website, making it a big part of any SEO strategy. Combining this with some sensible link development can lead to improvements in ranking, sales and revenue for your business. Our SEO service has helped local businesses gain a greater share of the customers within their area and it can same for your business. So why not fill out our SEO report form and get started on the road to an effective online presence today.