Good web design is the foundation of promoting your website. It helps both by giving you better rankings and converting potential customers into real ones. It is essential that when engaging in website optimization we design a website with the customer in mind as well as the search engine.

This balanced approach to website SEO means we promote your website with the search engine, without sacrificing customer engagement. In the medium term this pays dividends with the search engine and has become best practice in modern web design.

Is Web Design All About Looks?

When it comes to promoting your website it’s all about the user. A good looking website is great but never at the expense of user experience. Customers come to make a purchase, buy a service, or maybe just for a bit more info on a particular subject. No matter how good your site looks, if they can’t find what they are looking for they will leave and all the effort to get them to your site will be completely wasted.

When we talk about website optimization we need to remember at the end of the day it’s the user that makes the purchase not the search engine. And our experience of people is that they lean towards a simple clean and easy to use design. This is truer now than ever with the increase in mobile devices used for searches and flashy sites with poor usability will soon have people clicking off your page.

Website Optimization in the Mobile World

There was a time when websites were made to be viewed in a single resolution. Now however someone might look at the same website on a PC, Laptop, Tablet, or other mobile device. This is important for website SEO because Google now ranks non mobile friendly sites in its mobile listings. Modern web design takes into account these changes and uses responsive layouts to make sure your website is ready for the mobile world.

Content and Website SEO

When it comes to prompting your website then content is king. Not any old content chucked on your site to bulk it out, rather high quality relevant content that speaks to your customers. Obviously this content will be unique to the market you’re aiming for, a large part of web design and website optimization is to make sure you have a decent quantity of high quality content specific to your business.

This is one of the most time consuming parts of website SEO but it is crucial in any serious attempt to make a fully optimized website. This is where our experienced content writers can help your website stand out from the crowd. Thanks for reading if you would like to know more please contact us using the form provided.

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