Small business SEO

SEO for small business has become vital as more and more customers use search engines to buy products and services. If your business is not on the first page of Google then less than 5 percent of website users will ever even see your website listing. This makes it vital to be on that first page for the terms that really matter to your business if you want to thrive in the online market today.

Of course with small business resources have to be tightly controlled so a special approach is required. A high degree of targeting is needed in order to optimize without requiring the kind of budget available to larger firms.

Affordable SEO Services

When coming up with a plan for a small business we first need to look at the market you are in. Having then analysed the possible benefits and potential competition we can then come up with an affordable SEO service to suit your individual needs. With small business we try and focus only on those phrases that will bring the maximum benefit to you in order to keep cost from getting out of control. We can always return to lower order phrases after gaining good results with the primary keywords that drive online business in your market. Small business SEO requires a surgical approach to offer true benefits, while keeping things affordable and that is something we have good experience of here at SEO analyst

Cheap SEO?

You can see a lot of ads for cheap SEO and cheap SEO packages. Many of these frankly will be very basic and results will be poor because of a one size fits all approach to your business. We differ from a lot of these providers, because we try and provide an affordable SEO service with highly customized and targeted approach. We want to make sure that each business we help is benefiting from our service in the best possible way which is why we don’t simply put up cheap SEO packages with standard implementation. Instead we offer a free website audit so we can be sure to offer you the right service at a competitive price.

If you’re interested in our targeted small business SEO services why not take advantage of our free SEO report by filling out the form. We are confident that we can provide a service that will increase customers and revenue for your business at affordable rates.